Road Shoulder

The road related area to the side of the road. An area that is not a road but dedicated for the use of cyclists ARR Part 2 Div2 Rule 13. Where no shoulder exists use the whole lane for the sake of safety and to be fully visible to motorists.

Squeeze Point

A section of road shoulder which comes to a sudden end, mostly seen at the approach to bridges.


Section of roadway where cyclists are susceptible to being hit by a motorist opening a parked car door. Ensure that you are always aware of the movement of motor vehicles when cycling.

Shared User Path

Section of pathway 2.5 - 3m in width. They are designated "shared path" by a sign showing a bicycle and a person as per the diagram attached as well as pavement markings. These paths allow for the use of pedestrians and cyclists on the same path. Be careful of cars exiting driveways and obstructions on these paths.


A Greenway is a quiet section of road often a Cul De Sac which joins two shared pathways. Greenways are sections of roads which are a safe alternative to driving on the main road.

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