Your Bike

1. Does your bike have lights?

2. Do you have a bell for warning pedestrians and other cyclists when you are approaching?

3. Do you have enough air in your tyres. Do you have insert pump, tyres, tools, etc?

4. Does your bike have any unusual rattles or sounds?

5. Is your bike free of dirt and any other debris?

6. Is your seat and its position comfortable and adjusted to your height?

7. Are your brakes in working order?

Prior to leaving on the ride

1. Do you have AS/NZS 2063:1996 Pedal Cycle Helmets ready for use?

2. Do you have a spare tube and puncture kit packed as well as a pump?

3. Do you have this guide book and any other relevant maps?

4. Do you have money and a mobile phone available in case of an emergency?

5. Have you packed a rain jacket in the case of wet weather?

The Ride

1. When cycling along off road trail it is recommended to not be on your own.

2. Be sure to always let people know your whereabouts prior to leaving.

3. Always be cautious of passing motorists especially on less frequented roads. Often motorists can be unaware of a cyclist, it is important to be alert.

4. Safety is enhanced by wearing bright clothing such as the bike shirts and fluoro jackets.

5. Be aware of what time sunset is prior to leaving.

6. Carry a bike lock in the case that you wish to stop and have a break at a shop or any other place of interest.

7. Ride to your own level and keep to back streets and off road cycleways where possible.

8. Ensure that your children and adults are wearing an Australian Standards approved helmet.

What To Pack

To ensure you enjoy all that there is to offer on the Central Coast, it is best to make sure your bike is in proper working order and to be prepared for any possible incident by packing the following. Please note if you are going off road more preparation would be needed as you will have to be self sufficient.

  • Water bottle & cages
  • Saddle bag
  • Front & rear lights
  • Screwdrivers to fit lights
  • Multi tool
  • Allen keys to fit bike
  • Spoke wrench
  • Tyre levers
  • Spare tube
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Patches
  • Chain lube
  • Bike pump
  • Bike lock

Note those heading off road may need extra items. See your local bike shop for details.

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