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Ride directions

Access the Toddler trail using Showground Rd. Car parking and toilets are available adjacent to the football park. Ensure that you cross at the pedestrian refuge.

This map does not have directions as the ride is only a toddler trail 1.5km circuit.

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Toddlers Trail- Sensory Park

The Sensory Park track offers an opportunity to enjoy the Narara Creek with its ducks and tree lined foreshores while educating your child on how to cycle.

1.5 km

Along the way

Car park and toilets are located on the railway side of Showground Rd.

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1. Ensure that helmets are worn at all times even in the toddler track and BMX ramp.

2. At the toddler track and the BMX ramp supervise your children at all times.

3. Squeeze Points exist at Narara Creek Bridge.

4. When using the Lions Park shared path supervise children as this section of path is also frequented by cyclists, pedestrians and dog walkers.

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