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Ride directions


Gosford Visitor Information Centre


Mann St for approximately 100m


Erina St


Through Baker St Car Park


Through roundabout straight past the Central Coast Leagues Club along Baker St.


At Georgiana Terrace and use the shared path adjacent to the park to the western end of the street


Dane Dr at crossing and follow the shared path parallel to the Central Coast Stadium


Under Brian McGowan Bridge then turn left and exit onto shared path along foreshore towards Gosford swimming pool. Take care crossing boat ramp car park.

Slow down and give way to pedestrians as you continue behind Gosford swimming pool. This area is popular with families for picnics and BBQ’s on the weekends


Exit the park and cross at the zebra crossing at Masons Pde and take the shared path to Duke St


Duke St and ride approximately 300m


Frederick St and ride approx 200m


York St - Central Coast Highway


At the intersection past the bike store along the shared user path


Webb St 300m


Second roundabout and enter the Edogawa Gardens and Gosford Regional Gallery


Take same route back to Gosford 14km

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Garden Ride

The Garden ride offers a look at the city of Gosford, before it takes you along the waters edge overlooking Brisbane Water foreshore before meandering through the local neighbourhood before reaching Edogawa Japanese Gardens. These gardens provide an idyllic environment to relax before having a look at the Gosford Regional Art Gallery.

Begin the ride at the Gosford Information Centre located at the forecourt to the train station. Enter the ride via the Baker St car park continue along Baker St to Georgiana Terrace. Cross at the pedestrian crossing at the stadium and follow the stadium and continue under the bridge. Turn left and enter the shared user path.

Easy Ride
Off-road shared pathway
14 km


Give way to pedestrians on the shared user path especially the Lions Park.

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